With Zipease, diaper changes are simple, finally! Those troublesome snaps are a thing of the past. Save yourself some time during diaper changes with our innovative designs!

About me


Hi, I’m Taeler.

Sounds like “tailor”...coincidence? I serve the diaper changers of the world with my invention: the Zipease. My rompers are the first of its kind to make diaper changes a breeze! I find that most parents loath snaps and Velcro. Zipease are not only convenient, durable, and buttery-soft, they will simplify your parenting journey immediately!

I am a momma of two, a self-taught seamstress, and an avid lover of Eminem's lyrics. I found my true passion in sewing all the things in April 2016. You’ll almost always find my kiddos and I repping something made by yours truly. Handmade is the only way we rock things under our roof!

I inherited my great-grandmother’s sewing machine when she passed. She was so loved; she still is. She told jokes up until her last days; most of them comically inappropriate. I wanted to make her proud, so I mastered the ins and outs of her machine. I named my new-to-me machine Helga. I talk more about that in my blog. I obsessed over learning fabrics, patterns, and the seamstress lingo. Over the course of a few months, I improved my sewing skills and eventually finalized the design for the first Zipease in 2017.

I am humbled by Zipease’s five-star rating. Completely humbled. Reading your positive reviews and seeing your kiddos in my designs keeps my world spinning!

With that said, welcome to the Zipease Crew! I am overjoyed that you are here! You can find Zipease one Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Join the community of amazing mommas in our Buy, Sell, Trade group HERE! You can even snag some gently loved Zipease at a huge discount there!

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We’d would love to hear from you. Email us at info@zipeaserompers.com with questions, inquiries on custom orders, or just to say hello!

Enjoy your time here. Talk soon!

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