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Love Monsters Zip Baby Romper

Sold out

Body: Love Monsters

Sleeves: Mauve

Hood: Mauve

Neckband: Wine

Ankle cuffs: Wine

Zipper: White

***0-3 months do NOT have hoods***

Did you know…

From newborn to potty trained, you’ll change your kid's diaper over 4,000 times?! What’s stopping you from making it easier? Zipease is your solution!

With Zipease, simply unzip from ankle to ankle, take your child's legs out, slide the romper up, and change their diaper. Bam, it’s that easy! Our modern rompers feature a stretchy neckline to easily shimmy up your child's body in a snap without wearing out overtime. Quick on, quick off, simple diaper changes. Parent win!

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