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3 Reasons Why Having G-Tube Specific Clothing is a Must

3 Reasons Why Having G-Tube Specific Clothing is a Must

When it comes to managing a G-Tube, comfortable clothing is a must. Trying to find cute, comfortable clothing with convenient fastenings is often a challenge for parents. Because of the importance of having easy access to the tube, especially for babies, investing in the proper attire is crucial. If finding the perfect onesie or attire seems more overwhelming than anything else, here are a few recommendations with reasons why they are a must-have in your little one’s wardrobe.

G-Tube Rompers

For some parents, feeding while on-the-go or when out and about may seem a bit more complicated if you haven’t had enough time to practice. G-Tube rompers are ideal for parents no matter if you’re at home or out for the day. These rompers are specifically made with a zipper located by the stomach for quick access to your little one’s g-tube button. If you have a preferred side, places such as Zipease have made to order options that allow you to select your preferred side so that the zipper will close toward the right or left side. With these specially designed g-tube rompers you can be as discreet as you want to be without lifting shirts or cutting holes. 

Kimono style onesies

Kimono style onesies are designed with the buttons at one side versus a regular onesie that has the buttons or zippers at the center and from top to bottom. A button up kimono onesie is more discreet when it comes to feedings over zippers since you’re obviously going to have to zip down the onesie to reach the tube button. Another reason to get buttons over zippers is that it’s more comfortable for your little one as it’s less exposed. There’s nothing worse than a bare chest exposed at each feeding, especially when it’s a little cooler. If you have a preference on which side that buttons should be located, you’ll have an easier time finding ones that are located on your baby’s right rather than the left. However, that’s not to say left side buttons don’t exist. You’ll just have to look a little harder as the common side seems to be the right. 

If finding the preferred side seems to be a hassle, other options that work great are open footed onesies that will allow you to run the tube extension down the leg for feedings. 

Iron on patches

A lot of parents don’t want to keep their kids from wearing the cutest ensembles. Tummy Tunnels are iron-on patches that allow you to place the patch where the tube needs to be connected. Once ironed on, you cut the hole where the patch is placed which creates easy access to the button, allowing your little one to wear whatever you or they would like. It does make the button visible but as an upside to it, you are able to monitor any leaking or tugs. 

These are just a few tips to make life a little bit easier while going through challenges of raising a tube-fed baby. Your little one shouldn’t have to use a ton of specialized items or have you spend a ton of money on specific items when you’re trying to feel as normal as possible. 

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